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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 24, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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thank you for watching. >> good reading. i of ashley webster. congressional investigators claim they have uncovered a major scandal in the arizona virginia hospital system that has contributed to the death of over 40 american military veterans. committee chairman miller said the investigators have evidence the phoenix system meticulously covered up the evidence keeping two sets of records to conceal prolonged weights effectively covering up the medical negligence that led to the veterans die while waiting for their government to provide health care that was promised. the veterans health administration claim did a
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hearing two weeks ago he had no knowledge of the scandal is. >> it appears there could be as many as 40 veterans whose deaths could be related to delay of care. were you made aware of these if -- with any part of your buck back? >> i was not. ashley: congress has ordered all records secret or not to be preserved for further investigation. we are in washington d.c. with a report stick with veterans call to make the doctors support -- applied it to the virginia system in phoenix it is alleged their name was put on the secret perhaps waiting list for months or even over a year. when this lot became available they were moved to the official pointillist making it look like a guided
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quickly. congress jeff miller says asmodeus for these veterans may have died waiting for medical treatment. the phoenix the a disputes that. >> we have not found any cases that have been directly related to to access or care. >> the director said she never told them to create a secret to waiting list although there has been e-mail attains saying the extraordinary progress of decreasing wait times for patients. a colleague wrote back 30 minutes later saying'' but i think it is unfair to call any of this a success. when the appointment is created it is 14 weeks apple we're making them wait it is a disservice to the veterans. what analysts say is this problem is not going away. >> many was the bombers' are coming forward because
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people are feeling guilty and they want is the story out six senator john mccain calling for an immediate investigation cent of the letter to the secretary of veterans affairs asking of officials were paid bonuses for reducing wait times even though those reductions only occurred by manipulating go waitlist for cohabiting received bonuses did what did they receive? >> department of veterans affairs says it has said a study into the phoenix facility to review the scheduling procedures. ashley: i am joined now by the congressman leading the investigation congressman jeff miller and chairman of house veterans' affairs committee also the intelligence committee committee, thank you for joining a speck you have been traveling today thank-you for talking to us. this is staggering not only
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a tragic loss of life but what appears to be a coordinated manipulation of the system not only to make the facility look better bet to get bonuses? it is an outrage spinet that bonus situation has been an issue for quite some time. i have the bill right now that would freeze bonuses for all senior level officials that is one of the hospital director positions. unfortunately what we have seen the across the country is there have been delays of care and many facilities leading to a least 23 deaths at the virginia own accounting and this baby the tip of the iceberg. ashley: scraping up the surface it could be staggering with its level of the people affected. why is this happening? do we have too many veterans
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needing help and not enough people to handle the numbers ? limit that is not an excuse if they say they don't have the personnel to take care of the veterans they have the dollars they could put them in the private sector with fee-for-service to get the health care. that is what bothered me when veterans waited for months to get a colonoscopy and veterans died of cancer while on a waiting list when they could have been put into the private sector to have gotten their colonoscopy on time. >> and earlier from this month with a secret waiting list he said no. do you believe him? ltd. is hard to believe somebody when i physically have two different lists.
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they briefed my staff earlier this week and said the list that we refer to was a temporary spreadsheet not used for scheduling purposes but used in a transition period until the was fully electronic health record but we now find out thatist has been destroyed. ashley: your committee has ordered all documents to be preserved. says there is a shredder doing overtime tonight if not before. what is the next up? >> we will continue to push for rehab turned over all the information to the office of inspector general. the va has repeatedly asked for the information we have to be provided to them but it is more important to have the unbiased opinion what is killing:in phoenix.
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there was to list. the va says there is a misunderstanding but there has been delayed care and other facilities of other americans and late last year individuals came to me and committee staff that said there is a problem at phoenix and i wish you would look into with. that is what we're doing it. >> it is so broken could it go to obamacare? >> i certainly hope not. veterans have earned the right to have the medical care they receive. i don't want the 330,000 employees to get a bad name or a black guy because there are a lot of great workers and therefore the right reason debt you have some
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people and what they are doing is incentivized by bonuses and unfortunately we have veterans letter negatively impacted. ashley: it is probably just the tip of the iceberg. thank you for joining us. of said a report slamming the official acting inspector general from 2011 through 2013 to jeopardize the independence of the office by delaying reports alerting ths officials of the contents he did recuse himself from the investigation that involved his wife's employment and contributed to the office environment characterized by low morale and fere and dissatisfaction with his leadership and he has been placed on administrative leave. the stocks are flat on a big day for earnings the first
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time it is happened in 12 years the s&p gains three. crude-oil up closing just ballooned -- below $102 and gold is up. the yield on the ted year has not changed in weekly jobless claims jumped 329,000. gm post a 82% drop of profits it is the subject of possible federal investigations for the recall earlier this year. but after recent gallop through the strong earnings united continental earnings that stock plunges nearly 10%. after the close amazon and microsoft post better than expected earnings. we will be right back. >> tough talk. the president warns vladimir putin the more serious sanctions are on the way and
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dispute of the islands. >> garett treaty commitments is absolute article lomax five covers all territories under japan's administration. including historically the islands had been administered by japan and we do not believe they should be subject to change unilaterally. ashley: also issuing another warning to russia over the ukraine. >> we have been preparing for the prospect we will live engage in further sanctions. requires some technical work and coordination with other countries. ashley: no word on a partnership but the president arrives in seoul period tomorrow before going to malaysia and the philippines.
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today three american doctors were killed and wounding at least one american nurse the attack comes as u.s. troops prepare to leave afghanistan raising questions about the stability of the country. joining me now is our fox news military analyst. it seems weather on a larger scale of the taliban or a security guard that is our friend after one year of service turns and kills someone i find so disturbing what kind of situation to use the developing? will it go back to where the u.s. had boots on the ground? >> sadly. that is probably the case. it reminds me when the soviet union left. as you saw from what happened yesterday with the tragic circumstances with those doctors come you cannot erase 3,000 years of
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tribal leadership and decentralize government overnight by spending a little more than a decade as the country. hopefully we will have a residual force behind that we can continue to train the afghans to the u.s. presence but quite frankly after yesterday what we see happening continue will be the prospects are not that good. ashley: that is a depressing summation. all but a funny being spent and what have we achieved ultimately? >> at this stage very little high have been back to afghanistan three times and i talked to the soldiers. you cannot blame the tactical execution of a strategy so seriously flawed karzai is corrupt head of
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state in those around him equally corrupt provincial leaders are corrupt this is a society run on backroom deals to have four sets show up to try and army led by corrupt officials it is a losing proposition. ashley: turned to ukraine right now we have competing military exercises. puff up the chest stuff because search of the mr. putin does not have any concern over obama but how do you see this playing out to? >> incrementalism does not work with the dictators. oftentimes that incremental approach to military commitments has the opposite effect. what putin has learned is the united states will not intervene in the eastern
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ukraine. you can threaten on the future sanctions but for the men in the kremlin that poll of the slow roll they are emboldened to. if you use military force you will apply overwhelming military force. understanding weakness of power so far all we have seen is weakness. ashley: so what had to redo that we better stop? finigan couple weeks ago i said boost the military support to the ukraine and baltic states. we have obsolete aircraft. send them the best we have and let's put heavy units on the ground. the event of states does not have a single tank in europe
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[laughter] we could commit a couple of heavy brigade combat teams. but there is the old equation military power equals capability times will. if the perception is the will is o them put all the how are you want he will walking -- she will walk away. ashley: right now we rely on sanctions and i heard today that we will throw more sanctions does that have been impact? >> no. he is not an economist. he is a dictator. doesn't understand. it may hurt in the long run be he is honorable. popularity is 80% day hess intimidated germans and europeans the rest of the world it is the powerful entity but it is a shell. but he gets away with it because he is winning felt political war the mask were
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fair by playing to the global media to make itself far stronger than he really is. ashley: one final comment the middle east peace talks israel says that is its. will never be resolved? be honest. >> no no. this goes back hundreds of years and a clash between israelis and arabs states is virtually the eternal and the arab states as well as the palestinians cannot seem to come together. never underestimate the power of the arab states to screw something up and they have done that in this case. ashley: made a drink after that. [laughter] thank you so much. after last night's online
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poll results. do you disagree with eric holder that the u.s. has a way to go before equal justice and opportunity is realized? 47 percent said yes. 53 percent said no. be sure to vote tonight. to believe the veteran affairs secretary sinn jackie was aware of the phoenix va the scandal. and later we will reveal the quotation of the day. we will be right back. >> the supreme court says michigan can be an affirmative action for college admissions process. what is the high court really trying to say with the latest ruling? next.
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ashley: the fda announces plans to regulate electronic cigarettes including banning the sale to minors requiring manufacturers put warning labels on the device but the agency stopped short such as restricting tv advertising and flavoring such as
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pumpkin spice that could appeal to younger consumers. arguments for the u.s. supreme court in here to realize the ramifications from everything from affirmative action to the future of television their supreme court litigator who argued over 30 cases is also the founders of the only web log able to receive the peabody award. very impressive. we talked yesterday about the affirmative-action case. basically upholding the bush to give an affirmative action began. does this encourage other states? >> absolutely. that sense of us signal is not original discrimination. if they want to conclude they do not want affirmative action in the school admissions they are free to do so. it is an attempt to make our
7:26 pm
policy race neutral. ashley: because of the very lengthy dissenting opinion from justice sotomayor that said judges should not wish away rather than confront the racial inequality that exists in society. there were five different opinions so the high court had differing views but it was the issue that split the court. >> and the end six justices said they were free to do this. they differed in their reasoning. some were enthusiastic believing affirmative-action is race discrimination brothers were just more permissive of the voters bin two justices who were very concerned this was failed racism tears target minorities to disadvantaged.
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>> the online tv service and put them into a package but you take the content and then to regurgitate for a fee. quebec to be in the high court hands? >> the key to the area is so cheap because they don't pay the broadcasters. there is a provision of the copyright law if you broadcast to the public did you are infringing its you have to pay for it to. each subscriber has his own antenna sending one signal directly to them. but the justices did not buy the argument. and then to strike down
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mcleod computing. but in the end at looks like then it is not permissible but the cloud base services are. >> to the octogenarians understand the technology? >> they would say no to be perfectly honest. that is why they try to be so careful. said to me to immediately hear the comments to search the contents of a cell phone this is interesting. how will this play out? >> to close to call that the police can rifle through it just to make sure you don't have drugs. what do we do when its electronic? can they go through your contacts and are looking at
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the videos? in the end if you go that deep you need a warrant. ashley: date you for joining us. >> now to the word of the day. as the use of trickery to have a legal purpose. takeda rebut none of it here. we will be right back. >> keystone pipeline reports suggest the president won't ever approved in it. teeeight nine reacts. next. ntix varenicline is proven to help peoe quit smoking. it's a non-nicotine pill. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. that helped me quit smoking. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking, or mood,
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help make their communities the best they can be. building something better for all of us. ♪ ashley: rolling stone claims a high levels in the white house have told him that obamacare will deny a permit for the keystone pipeline.
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it would be a dramatic move to blind democratic voters ahead of the of the terms of course they deny the reports but nobody who knows what he is talking in anybody who is talking knows. now we have the "a team." but judith miller former spokesperson for president george debut bush. i know you are not thrilled about the keystone pipeline but to the president will say no? >> perfect politics. if you want to protect the red state democrats who want this to go through but also the street credibility of who don't let this come the
7:34 pm
this is perfect in the is it to "rolling stone". >> to say no coincidence that they pick it up? to meet the interesting part the secretary said he will not say no but it has to go through another national interest review we have seen it has gone through analysis of the state department and clearly they have come up with the conclusion minimal environmental impact as mentioned the reporter from the "rolling stone" that president bush wants to leave the legacy of climate change in does not want to touch the keystone pipeline but then he puts the jobs on hold. ashley: money follow up with speaker boehner blocking his
7:35 pm
colleague in the house to say you have to make difficult choices what do you think? >> it has been such a difficult issue innovative device division on the republican side when we brought together the conference back in february to save maybe we can work on something so for him to go after that colleagues is not a good approach. then if we want to talk about immigration next year that would be a better political strategies. >> this is a strategic campbell. he has three opponents in the primary but if he looks at the g.o.p. to we want to lose the hispanic voters? >> but perhaps at the
7:36 pm
expense of himself as the mccann said g.o.p. get control of the senate? >> it will be close but it is a very good shot. >> especially with president obama going back to the keystone pipeline where with the democrats of the swing states have a good chance to lose because they support the policies and the disapproval rating is so high. and then helping with the midterm election spinet those that continue to say that unless it changes the stance this is a part that could be extinct within 20
7:37 pm
years period that is why rand paul is the interesting figure trying to reposition the party. absolutely appealing to younger base. if they don't it is possible the republican party could go the way of the quake's. [laughter] >> you could say said he party has led to the split but not appealing through a wide enough space overall. >> the biggest problem is that we are divided. trying to figure and a reid number-one. if we keep fighting we will get nowhere. that is where we want to see the rise of the republican leaders to stand on principle and some how rally the different segments to come together otherwise we
7:38 pm
will lose the national election in 2016. beer very focused to get through the mid term and that is very important ashley: what do you think? anybody that can do that? >> we see a very strong popularity figures. he does best against hillary clinton but these polls don't mean anything and it is not clear he could carry the party. the real problem is will react on the basis of the party or what is good for america? the party that is best able to articulate the message to persuade we are concerned about the country will win. >> is there somebody out there that could lead the party? >> we have some strong
7:39 pm
candidates where the chips will fall but with several candidates if bush gets in he has had problems lately there could be a dark horse it is too soon in the process. ashley: thank you for being here. in a reminder to vote with the online poll. deeply veterans affairs secretary was aware of the phoenix va the scandal? they say it is all about do you know, when you look for a job when the ted year-old girl got to ask first lady a question she came prepared. >> for a dad has been added a job for three years and
7:40 pm
want to give you his resonate. ashley: the immediate the gave her a hug and talk to resonate with her hopefully he will get a job out of bet. the sec makes with net neutrality the potential to train your wallet and we are here next. why relocating manufacturingpany to upstate new york? i tell people it's for the climate.
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ashley: stc commission is exploring changes do not neutrality proposing new rules to allow providers the ability to charge content providers for faster speed. approved will end up costing more money for streaming content on the web this will affect those who watch television shows online everyday.
7:44 pm
bright our top tech data list and joins us eddie is the president and principal analyst at joy guess from palo alto to a -- let's get into depravity. those data set away if it appears that without an open access start-ups like facebook or twitter might not have flourished. do you agree? >> normally. we are under capacity right now free to get more money to those that have the network to provide higher end services with the bandwidth that is the did did, google's, facebook, twi tter don't require that the end with the and that would be fine for them so it does not imply there would not exist because they would. ashley: talking about amazon and netflix but a
7:45 pm
conversation always ends up we the consumer pays more? >> if you want faster performance that is the case or a faster automobile you will pay a premium we don't all drive around in the volkswagen but you don't have to have a higher bandwidth e-mail, browsing, that works fine but high-definition television programs right now you are willing to pay for it you get it otherwise you would. ashley: what do you think of the apple report? to make the most telling thing is they all have a product launch. wait until they get a right
7:46 pm
which translates that they are scared to death they will put it on as long as possible. >> this is a company but they are making a money. >> they will try to break the product apart in to this will be difficult to do to get people to stop the brandon disservice. >> talk about amazon it is sold out to have to deal with hbo but that is not good for netflix. >> just assuming it cannot cut a deal or something similar amazon is emerging
7:47 pm
as the major player. schering aig produce much everybody from retail and even i am is sorry. i am is the kid on the block ashley: microsoft earnings flat what is the story there? >> but under defense numbers there is said gross as it doubled inside this really talks to the microsoft future but the numbers have gotten better to have stabilized if it expands more quickly it looks pretty good for the rest of the year. ashley: so was your interview. fate you for bringing us up to speed.
7:48 pm
be sure to listen to financial reports on the salem radio network three times a day for market and business news. cited their part -- vladimir putin moxie internet claims it is a cia project to be controlled. coming off a new russian law but also should reduce websites to keep the service in russia and save all information about their users for at least six months. the white house opens the possibility of clemency over ramifications of that is your next.
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ashley: time before your comments. ashley: we would like to hear from you. e-mail us at or go to facebook page or seeks to everything that authors of commons read each night will receive a copy of "upheaval." time for the quotation of the day said to from victor and across point michigan.
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now to crime thousands of federal prisoners could soon be released after the obama administration announced the new clemency plan. my next guest says the initiative is long overdue. professor from criminal law and author of the book the deaths of punishment. is a the obama administration has got it right? >> yes. we have used life without parole indiscriminately. many years ago with the war against drugs in have a system of punishments that vastly exceed what people deserve. what they're doing is using executive clemency for the purpose it was originally designed for the case by
7:54 pm
case of the palace's criteria, non-violent, servi ng a least 10 years, at not pardon jesse executive clemency serving the same sentence we should reserve for those. ashley: the taxpayers pay for those that should bobby in jail readjust warehousing >> but it is more than money but justice. although the obama administration is emphasizing to be smart on crime but we should not be reserving as a punishment for those who are nonviolent with an illegal substance as reserving for those who are raping and murdering children or serial murders. ashley: that brings me to the point that those offenders the most heinous crimes are treated to softly? we are under a punishing those in the appendices. so too have executive clemency on a case by case
7:55 pm
basis to release those who have paid their dues. hopefully it is just a plush added melido said deserved it because if we are discriminating and let the punishment fit the crime we should exercise our judgment with the case by case basis. ashley: so these inmates that commit the horrible crimes it is unconnected every corrections officer i have interfered. ashley: you have spent a lot of time? to make thousands of arab -- showers on death row in base because almost one voice it is not my jug to punish. known mission statement includes the word punishment. ashley: there are rehabilitating question mark not even that the safety his
7:56 pm
the issue. keep the prisoners and the staff safe. ashley: of a chess playing softball? >> chest, first-run movies often and that is one side then the other side that people who have committed 3,000 are in prison for life for committing non-violent crime. fleer committed to let the punishment fit the crime then let the punishment fit the crime. this part is correct exercising prerogative. ashley: you say in their raid the individual responsible for killing those kids. >> 21 years in prison and hired professional plates to play with him now he is on a congress strike because he did not get place station
7:57 pm
to. support the administration when they are right and they are right on this one. ashley: data is it for their jobs tonight. have a great night. we will see you tomorrow.
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♪ ♪ ♪ charles: america's balance sheet is out of whack. welcome come everyone. i am charles payne and for neil cavuto. about half of america had zero net worth. stocks comest savings come in your car and your home, you added up and you subtract how much you owe, chances are you're left with nothing. that is scary. and zuckerman says what is even scarier is the white house isn't doing anything to help you out of your debt dilemma. so what exactly should the white house be doing right now? >> i don't think that if they


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